Kenya was Amaaazing!

Hi all! I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I have good reason now! Recently got back from Kenya – located in the eastern part of Africa on the coast of Indian Ocean.

My trip started on December 7 and ended 19, so that is about two weeks.

My travel program was as follows:

1. Arrival in Nairobi, departure to Safari for 4 days.

Day 1: Arrival in the capital Nairobi, departure for Safari. Photo Safari in Masai Mara Park, dinner and overnight at Camp Lenchada.

Day 2: Continuation of Masai Mara Park, dinner and overnight at Camp Lenchada Tourist Camp, visit to Maasai tribe village.

Day 3: End of Safari in Masai Mara Park. Transfer to Nakuru, overnight at the hotel Lanet Matfarm Resort.

Day 4: Game Drive in Nakuru Park, visit Lake Nakuru, return to Nairobi.

2. Fly to Mombasa, check in to the hotel in Mtvape.

I took a flight from Nairobi to Mombasa with the local airline and then went to the hotel by taxi.

Then there was a regular beach holiday.

The beach was a motorcycle ride away, as the hotels on the shores of the Indian Ocean were very expensive.

One day I went on a tour to Mombasa – a small town, where the main attraction is the fort of Jesus, and the Arabian market.

There are also there very unusual local minibuses (“Matatu”), which deserve special attention.

If we have to wait for the minibus, then in Kenya, the minibus will find you!

In minibuses work people who not only collect payment for travel, but also run out of a minibus with the purpose to find new passengers from a crowd of people.

In addition to motorcycle and “Matatu”, there is another unusual for us mode of transport-it’s “tuk-tuk”. “Tuk-tuk”-covered wheeled means of transportation.

Driving in the center is the driver, and the rear can ride up to three people-passengers.

Prices in Mombasa and Mtvape are quite reasonable and not as expensive as in London. The markets have quite a large selection of clothes at nice prices, loved that!