Spring’s Here – Gotta Wash the Windows!

Spring is here with us! If you are like me, then you have been craving those lovely, warm days, and are just done with the winter weather! In preparation for the new season, one thing you should really consider doing is to wash your windows. Why?

To have a front-row view of the changes

When winter comes to an end, the next season is a sight to behold. Trees are just starting to grow new leaves, flowers begin to bloom again, and it is all just becoming nice and bright! If you have a beautiful view of trees or flowers, you want to watch this new season unfold and not miss any of it.

You can watch the flowers and leaves grow back but only through nice, clean and shiny windows.

Get rid of winter debris

You are just from the dreary, gloomy winter; your windows are probably dirty and grimy from the storms, the ice that accumulated all kinds of dirt. And you couldn’t clean your windows during winter because it would be pretty useless, but now you have your chance.

Spring is the perfect time to get out those cleaning supplies and get working on your windows, welcome the season with a nice, clean set of windows.


The one downside to the warm weather is the birds and bugs that will show up for sure. Chances are you might find excrement on the windows.

The How

The good news is that with a quick and easy window cleaning session, you will have clear windows, and enjoy the view from them. If you’re feeling really lazy, just call the pros – window cleaning services are rarely expensive. Here are a few tips to follow to make your experience fast and easy.

  1. Choose a day when the sun isn’t out, one that’s a bit cloudy will be perfect. The sun can make your work harder drying out the cleaning product too fast and leaving marks on the windows. 
  2. Dust the windows off with a soft brush first. Don’t go straight into the washing with soap and water; this might make some stains harder to remove. Dusting off lets you remove most of the dirt and makes your final cleaning easier.
  3. When cleaning with soap and water, choose a cleanser that isn’t harsh to avoid damaging your windows. Clean gently with a cloth, don’t rub too hard; you don’t want to leave the windows with permanent scratches.

Don’t ignore your windows this spring. Clean them up together with the rest of your space and enjoy the beautiful, clean house.