Why I Decided to Have My Kitchen Remodeled

My House

A couple of years ago, I was able to finally purchase a house of my very own. It was an amazing feeling! I loved my little two-story in the outskirts of the city. It’s located in a safe and quiet subdivision. Most of my neighbors are retirees or families with older children. I got a good deal when the previous owners decided to sell as soon as possible and took the first offer that came their way. Lucky me.

The Kitchen

I fell in love with my house at first sight. I left it almost as it is, except for the kitchen. That, I chose to remodel. I’m quite the foodie. I don’t really like cooking but I strive to be good at it. How else will I be able to make delicious food, eh?

The previous owners probably aren’t fans, though. The original kitchen was tidy but bare and almost falling apart—cracked tiles, leaking faucets, broken cabinets. What little appliances there were, were outdated. I was also dissatisfied with the use of space. I wanted energy-efficient appliances, wider windows, bigger cabinets, more work space and so on. I have no idea why the kitchen is so shabby when the rest of the house, while admittedly old, was very well-maintained.

The Planning

And so I decided to remodel. I took my time in choosing my people. I interviewed several general contractors, checked references and even viewed some past projects. I also made a point of checking the subcontractors they hire. In the end, I chose a remodeling contractor firm with a solid, established reputation.

After numerous consultations with the designer, we settled on a plan. The final designs were of an energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly kitchen. The company I hired has built a good reputation for creating these green kitchens. I don’t consider myself an eco-warrior but I’ve always been environmentally conscious. I make sure to do my part for the environment every way I can. Since I had the budget, I decided to go for it.

The Green Kitchen

There were some delays and the timeline was longer than I originally planned but here I am standing in my newly built kitchen, feeling really satisfied with myself. Now, I really do have the perfect house.

I now have my wide windows and a skylight. Both provide plenty of natural light. There’s the big, sustainable kitchen cabinets, stylish, recycled countertop and eco-friendly, linoleum floor. We’ve installed a solar-powered water heater, high-efficiency refrigerator, low-energy induction cooktop and so on.

I couldn’t be happier with the results! I can now make my famous Shrimp Avocado Salad in my sunny, nature-friendly kitchen. See yah!

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