Some Cool Kids Crafts Ideas for All You Busy Moms :)

Summertime is just around the corner. I can almost smell the sun in my skin. And hear the noise of stir-crazy children. Last year, the kids where at summer camp but we’ve decided to go to the beach this year. Time to list the entertainment. Here are some cool kids crafts ideas.

Make Butterfly Plate Feeders for a touch of fairytale fantasy and some educational fun.

                Use a small, colorful, attractive plate and a plate holder made of wire. Thread colorful glass beads to the four strings that will hold the plate holder up. Make some DIY butterfly food and watch the butterflies come. You can also have fun taking pictures of the butterflies that visit the feeder and try identifying them with a butterfly book.

Wee Tin Lanterns that can be held on to while strolling on the beach at night with the family. They make great table lanterns too.

                Have the younger children make tiny dots around the tin bucket with a marker. Carefully supervise the older children in nailing holes on the bucket using the dots as a guide. You can opt to fill the small buckets with water and freeze them prior to this step for easy nailing. Defreeze and dump the water. Glue a candle inside and lights up!

Create Glowing Jellyfishes swaying in the sea breeze at night.

                Have the youngsters paint paper bowls and strips of paper with child-friendly glow-in-the-dark paint. Let them dip pieces of yarn on the paint the too. Allow them to go crazy with whatever colors they like. Turn the bowl upside down and this shall be the head. For tentacles, make holes at the center of the bowl and thread the paper strips and yarn on them.

Dreamcatchers are a hit with the little ladies. The gents will like them too.

                Find an easy, generic dream catcher weaving guide on the internet. The older kids can help with weaving. Gather color sprays, feathers, glitters, rhinestones, beads, colored sand, yearns, etc. Then have a free for all! Let everyone design their own dream catcher according to their personality and style.

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