Friday, September 13, 2013

Season of Style This and That Planner

Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner? I read some where that it's 100 days from today! EEK! It always seems to sneak up on me! Not this year though! I am going to get organized months in advanced so I'm not running around at the last minute. Ask me in January if this actually worked. Haha

Stampin' Up is offering a planner that you can personalize to your taste. You can decorate it any way you wish and keep all your holiday organization for the next few months all in one place. I have been working on mine and have taken some pictures to share how I have decorated and personalized my own. I've also included a video from the Stampin Up office which shows everything in its entirety for your viewing pleasure :)

It took me almost an entire afternoon to come up with the design but once it was finished I was IN LOVE! I sent 3 pictures to close friends showing it off because I was so excited about it! Now that I've shown you the cover, I will show you a couple pages of the inside.

The journal is made up of 5 different categories. I used our Round Tab Punch to help me find the pages a little easier. I gives it a little more pop of color and if it's easy to find I'm more apt to use it.

These are 2 envelopes that come in the journal. I am going to use the smaller of the two to place any receipts that I need to use for returns. I used a cute sticker that comes seperatelty on four sticker sheets.

There are four calendars that can be used in any way you choose. I am using mine for September through December but I have seen some used October through January. Stampin Up suggests that you use it for November and December for the next 2 years. It's your journal and you can do it any way you like. The stickers shown here are also from the sticker sheets you can purchase.

Section two is for cards. You can put all the names of friends and families that you send and receive cards from during the holiday season. I love this section as I always have to think twice about who I've sent a card to and who I have forgotten!

The third section is for decorations. In the era of Pinterest, I don't think there is a whole lot of cutting and pasting ideas but this may be the perfect time to bring it back. I still like to look through magazines for ideas. I can cut out ideas, add them to the pages and then put supplies needed to have when I make my *much needed* trip to Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Joanns. Hee Hee.

The fourth section is for Gifts & Packaging.  There are sections for each person or family you will buy a gift for and the budget set for them. Also gift ideas for when you are out shopping.

There is a big section for Entertaining and Parties. I myself have lots of parties during this time of year and its great for guest lists and to keep track of the RSVPs.

There is another pocket in the back to hold any other things to help keep you organized! The possibilities are endless! Make it yours and enjoy it!

I added a few things more after my initial pictures at the beginning. I love it even more and can't wait to start using it.

Here is a video from Stampin Ups You Tube channel showing you a more in detail look at every thing you can use to create this wonderful planner. Enjoy!

Thanks for looking. Please visit my website HERE to see and order any of our products.

Happy stampin!


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