Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mom of a Pre-Teen

I should have just stayed in bed yesterday. It didn't start out well and it didn't end well. Why you ask? I am the mom of an almost 13 year old TEENAGER!! Hormones, smart mouth and bad attitude is part of my every day life now. It is the new norm here in my world. I don't like it. It makes me want to crawl in a hole until it's all over. But then again, I would probably complain then that time went by so fast and I missed it all. Parenting is just never easy but being a parent of a pre-teen boy is just overwhelming.

Don't get me wrong. I love my boy. What I don't love is sitting up until 10:30 at night to finish a Science project that was due on Monday! Yes, my friends, that is what I had the joy of helping with last night. I don't want to hear the words nucleus, chromosomes or cell membrane again. My head was hurting by the time I finished. I thought I finished words like that 17 years ago never to be looked upon again but I was wrong! It was all so much for one night. Hopefully it's taught him a lesson to get things done when he's suppose to. Probably not. But a mom can wish, can't she?

I was able to make a cute birthday card for a friend. I just wanted something simple but with a good bit of color. Birthdays are about fun. I think color helps make fun. I always forget about glossy accents. It's one of those embellishments that add a little extra POP but isn't too overwhelming. I had every intention of using a bit more than I did but by the time I finished the card I didn't have much place to use it.

Here is my card for today.

I decided to make some of the polka dots look wet with the glossy accents. It's not what I wanted but it will work. I love how it turned out and the colors are perfect together. I hadn't used this paper in a while and wanted to get rid of it. Thankfully I have a little more left and can make another card with it soon.

Hope this inspired you to take out some older paper and make someone a card. Everyone loves getting a card in the mail. Especially a hand made one. If you have any questions about the products used, just ask. You can also visit my online store at My Stampin World.

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Happy Stampin'


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