Monday, August 12, 2013

Goodbye Summer

My baby. My first born. My oldest boy. He started his 2nd year in middle school last Thursday. Today starts his first official week of 7th grade. I still can't believe it. Just seems like yesterday I was sobbing at the front of his Pre-K school. My how time flies.

Open House this year was a lot less different as well. Things felt easier. We weren't the low man on the totem pole. We knew where we were going and didn't need to ask someone a question every where we turned. Caleb had friends that he was so excited to see. Caleb had a girlfriend that he was frantically searching for to see if they had classes together. Yes, I am at the point where I have to realize that he likes girls and they like him back. Eek! When did that happen?

Caleb and his best friend, Cameron were bummed that they didn't have any classes together this year. His mom and I were thinking it was probably a blessing in disguise but we didn't tell them that. I took this picture because they looked like brothers and I think they secretly look happy to be inside the school. Shhh... don't tell them I said that. They may never smile again.

School shopping was relatively easy this year. He made it clear that he wanted athletic clothes. I guess the day will come when he wants to wear nice shirts and shorts to school like his Mom wants him to do. Okay, I laughed as I was typing that just as you were probably laughing when you read it. Boys doing what their Moms want them to do. HILARIOUS. I was able to get him in to a collared shirt and nice shorts for the first day but ONLY because it was his favorite athletic brand and because it was his idea.

Remember that part about me sobbing when he walked in to Pre-K? It doesn't get any easier as they get older. Actually I think it gets harder but in a different way. Watching our kids get independent is a proud moment but so hard. It's bitter sweet to say the least. He threw a wrench in to my plan when he asked if I'd just drop him off in car line and that he didn't need me to walk him in. WAIT! WHAT? He didn't want me to walk him in, take a picture of him in front of his locker, give him a hug/kiss, and then wave goodbye while blowing kisses as he walked in to his classroom. I was shocked sad. It couldn't be time for that, could it? The "it's no longer cool for your Mom to walk you to class" was upon me and I didn't even see it coming. I kept my composure as he got out of the car and said Bye, Mom and walked away. I did snap this picture as he got out of the car to document the moment I'd probably remember forever.

That was that. Bye, Mom. He turned around and walked in to 7th grade. I drove off in tears. At least he thought his Mom was calm. Usually I hear... MOM, why are you crying again? Face it son... your Mom is a crier. I get it honest and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

His first day was a success. He said it was awesome. That in itself is awesome. I love hearing positivity.

To celebrate school being back in session some of us super, cool, awesome moms decided to take all of  our middle schoolers to breakfast before school. They loved every minute of it and it was so nice to have kids their age behave. We were even complimented when we were walking out.

Here they are with all their sweet smiles. I hope when they are Seniors in high school we can still say they are friends. They probably won't allow us to take pictures of them like this. Maybe because they will all have cars of their own and won't need us to chauffeur them in longer. Sniff, Sniff

Caleb and his girlfriend, Meghan. She is a sweet girl who comes from a good family. I'm thankful he has a friend that just happens to be a girl that he can talk to, laugh with and enjoying hanging out with on occasions.

The first two days of 7th grade were a success. I hope and pray that the rest of the year is just as good. I also pray that I have hair and that it isn't anymore grey than it already is by the end. One can hope....

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