Monday, March 11, 2013

Professional Craft Room Organizer

Who likes to organize their craft room to the point of being a tad bit obsessive? That would be Yours Truly! It's something that I feel needs to be done at least every six, four, okay three months! I'm not afraid to admit it. I love it. It feels like a brand new outfit after it's all done. But it doesn't last long because as soon as I have a bright idea (which happens quite often) I just mess it up again. I think that goes with the territory of being blessed with a large craft room.

I cleaned my house most of the weekend so I felt that my room needed an update. I still hadn't unpacked from a crop weekend 3 weeks ago <---- that's another blog for another day. So what better day to start than today.

Here is my before picture. It may not look like a disaster to you but this spells horror movie to me. After pics to come soon or maybe a few days. I'm sure that a 2, 12 or 36 year old will get my attention some time in between.

This is serious a big task for the Monday after time change!! :)

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