Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I love celebrating all the holidays during the year. It gives me a reason to be creative and well, to be honest, it gives me a reason to decorate my mantle. That is what they are for, right? I mean that's why I've always had to have a mantle in any house we've lived in.

I also kind of have an obsession with a flag for every season hanging outside my house. I'm sure that my neighbors have tagged "that house with the different flags." They still love me all the same.

Here is a quick look at my mantle and a fun project that my friend told me about that she found from Pinterest. That's a whole other obsession that we won't talk about just yet ;)

Simple white photo frame turned cute decor. The arrows are cute from my Silhouette Cameo. Seriously love that machine. Yes, another obsession but who is keeping count. Not me!

What are these beauties? Glad you asked. These are ginger ale bottles that my oldest had to drink when he was sick a few weeks back and of coarse I had to save them. Both my husband and son thought I was crazy until they saw what I made from them. They aren't your ordinary decorations but I loved the color of the green and I instantly thought of St. Patty's Day and yes, my mantle.

Here's my mantle all finished and I just love it. I am very LUCKY for all that God has blesses me with every single day.

My Pinterest inspired craft was 4 small styrofoam hearts from Hobby Lobby, absolutely gorgeous chevron green ribbon and hot glue. Easy peasy!

It's a four leaf clover. Clever, huh! I wish I could take credit for this but I can not. This is where I found this adorable idea from here. It looks so cute hanging on our door and my 12 year actually noticed it and commented that it was cute. That is a BIG deal!!

Now it's time to find Easter decor ideas as it's at the end of this month. Don't they know it's too much to have to holidays in one month? Off to Pinterest I go....

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