Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Craft Area

I love that I have a craft area in my home. It's my space that I love to be in and makes me happy. So why can't I ever keep it tidy and clean. I see this is a problem for a lot of women who have craft areas. I'll clean it up and get everything organized only to start a project the next day and dirty it all up again. It's so much  fun when you are being crafty! 

My sweet hubby moved his office upstairs last week and realized that he didn't need one of his desks so he gave it to me. I've been working off of a six foot white table. I felt like a queen when this new desk waltzed in here all black and sassy. It has 7 drawers and a nice big desk top. Two of the drawers are made for hanging file folders so being organized just got so much easier. I felt like I went from the trailer park to the country club, ha! 

My best friend visited last week so I didn't get much done as far as projects but I plan on getting back in to the groove this weekend and next week. I've missed blogging, participating in challenges and looking at everyone else's creations. I promise to post pics of my new desk but only after I clean it up :)

Hope everyone has a great night. 

"Do Something Scrappy"

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