Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chore Chart Update

Success! Success! Success! Well... the first week that is. He was so excited about doing his chores (okay, he was somewhat excited), loved checking off his list (okay, maybe I enjoyed watching him place check marks in those little boxes), and loved getting his allowance at the end of the week based on what he'd accomplished (okay, he was really excited about this part). He used some of his money this past weekend to get himself something and was really proud of it. 

Let me back up and say that I think most of his success the first week was based on Mom walking behind him and reminding him of all he had to do and filling out the cards for him when he "forgot" or was "busy" doing other things. I told him this past Sunday night that this week he was on his own. Mom wasn't going to remind him to do his chores or make sure they were checked off. Monday was a good day. Tuesday was not so good and yesterday was just like pulling teeth to get it done. He decided to go to bed and not complete his Tuesday night card. I reminded him of it which I know I said I wouldn't do but I'm working on myself too. He just rolled his eyes and turned over. Yeah, not a smart thing to do with a Mom who is trying to prove points. He figured he would just mark off everything on Wednesday morning. Nope, doesn't work that way. I had to show tough love and let him know that this is the way it works and that he was not getting any points for that card. Yes, I was officially (in his eyes) the MEANEST.MOM.EVER! I personally think that if you are ever awarded that by your child you are doing something right. I, of coarse, had to walk away before the begging and pleading started or he gave me "those" eyes. Yes, you know what I'm talking about. 
Hubby said he was proud of me for not caving which made me happy and smiling and patting myself on the back. Wait, this is about Caleb not me. FOCUS!!

Anyways, long story short, here we are on Thursday. There are quite a few things not checked off on this weeks cards but I'm ready to show him the lesson when he doesn't get as much allowance as last week. When it's time to ask for a new game on his iPad and he doesn't have the money to pay for it I hoping it sparks some interest to do better next week. 

Now maybe I need to make a chore chart for myself because I've got a lot to do in the next few days! 
Hope everyone has a great day! 

~Do Something Crafty Today~ 

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