Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thank You card

I'm pretty much obsessed with Little Yellow Bicycle paper, embellishments, stickers, ribbon, etc. Their line of papers are awesome to say the least. I bought this paper a few weeks back, found it today in my massive paper load and decided to make a quick Thank You card for a friend. Enjoy!

Firework Photos

I decided to read my 'how to' book regarding my Nikon D60 camera this past weekend. I've had the camera for a couple of years and is embarrassed to type that I still use it like a point and click camera. Sad, I know! I knew that fireworks would be in my future and I've never been able to figure out the correct settings to take great pictures of them. It's either really dark, picture is blurry or I completely miss the good parts all together. It's amazing how many different settings there are in this camera! Talk about overwhelming - I needed a nap after the first couple of chapters.

This was my first attempt and even though it looks better than the past I knew that I could do better so after a few more attempts I came up with these. I had to give my self a pat on the back.

I've still got a lot more to do to learn all the exact settings for the perfect picture but I've got to use this camera the way it was designed. Next, will be to learn how to edit the pictures in a cool photo editing software. Thinking about that one makes me tired as well but it's going to be fun! I just know it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hoo are you?


Here are this week's questions!

1. How did you spend the 4th of July?
My boys and I spent it at home. We spent the weekend in a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains with some friends.

2. What was a couple of your favorite things you ate for the 4th of July?
We grilled out hamburgers and they were so yummy. My husband is pretty good with a grill so they are always yummy. I made cupcakes and they were a hit!

3. Did you watch fireworks?
Let's just say I tried to watch the fireworks but being that it was Noah's first 4th of July he did NOT like the noise at all so we went in the house to get ready for bed time.

4. What is your favorite firework?
I love all fireworks! There's just something magical about them.

5. How hot was it where you were for the 4th?
Thankfully it was in the low 90's!

Copycat Cupcakes

I love "following" other blogs so I can read, look and {try} to recreate the fun things I find. I wanted something fun and different to make for the 4th of July holiday. I came across the cutest cupcakes HERE and didn't think it would be too hard to make. I really do love to bake because there is so much you can do and have fun with it.

This is how they started out. I didn't divide the red and blue cake mix as evenly as I should have but hey it was my first time so I wasn't too hard on myself.

This is how they turned out!!

I was so excited. Kinda like a kid in a candy store when I pulled them out of the oven and saw all of the different colors. I couldn't wait for them to cool off so I could put icing on them and sprinkle the red, white and blue decorations on them.

I made some with chocolate frosting as my eldest is not a fan of vanilla icing.
The cake was made with egg whites and the icing was sugar free. I didn't feel AS bad when I shoved one in my mouth.

Hope everyone had a happy holiday with family and friends! I know I did!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Fourth

I've seen so many cute ideas and projects for the upcoming holiday that I decided to make one of my own. I am especially loving the ideas of banners for decorations and it's a good thing since they are so popular right now. Red, white & blue look so good together so it was an easy project to do. I found old stickers from Rusty Pickle that I really love and added card stock, die cuts and ribbon to pull it all together. Enjoy your holiday with family and friends and be safe!

June Big Shot Class

I've been involved in a Big Shot class for right around 6 months. The instructor is a good friend of mine who is extremely talented in so many ways that it should be sinful. She is a demonstrator with Stampin' Up! and is so passionate about all that she does. I love all of the projects we make and getting to see how all the products are used in different ways.

The very cute strawberry on the tag in this project is actually a heart {in red} and a flower {in green} cut in half to make it. Something I would never think about but love the idea!

This box is made out of a few die cuts and very carefully positioned to stand up nicely. As an example, she placed a jar of strawberry jam in it as an idea for a gift. Very well noted :)

This card has 3 of the most beautiful colors put together. Happy 4th of July!